About Daniel

danielI was always unsure of eating meat and went through phases of stopping and starting. At that time my concern was the unsustainability of intensive farming practices on our environment and the cruelty to animals in factory farming. Well these are reasons enough to quit meat, but then I discovered how fun, tasty and healthy a vegetarian and plant based diet can be. This happened when I decided to change not only how I eat but how I live, because eating well and living well are two things that are very much connected.

It’s been more than two years now since I restocked my kitchen and took ownership of my food processor, and in that time I have discovered many new ways to eat without meat , that are simple to prepare, delicious and nutritious. I soon discovered that I was certainly not alone, there is a real movement now in Cyprus towards a more sustainable and humane diet and it was my great fortune to be able to share recipes and ideas with Maggie as we experimented with new dishes. It is great to be involved in Maggie’s Foods Stores, I look forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm and also learning from the many others that are joining a new way of enjoying food here in Cyprus.