Nuts and dried fruits bars

I guess that by now you’ve realised my love for bars and energy balls! Well, nothing beats a great snack and what can i say, i love variety! So, here’s another recipe – a really good one if i may say so myself. It’s full of nuts and fruits, as chunky as they get. 

It’s great as a snack and also on the go breakfast – i know that with school season starting i’ll be needing lots of those!

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Cashew cheese

I’ve been wanting to make cashew ‘cheese’ for some time now but never got round to it. Yesterday i finally did it! And i have to admit it’s not bad. Great alternative to any sauce and a nice touch for tortillas with vegetables or simply as a dip with your carrots or celery sticks. 

I used nutritional yeast to give it the ‘cheesy’ taste, but also for the nutritional benefits of it:  it is a highly nutritious vegan food product with various potential health benefits. It can be used to add extra protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to meals. 

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Saint Fanourios Cake

The 27th of August is St Fanourios day for the Greek Orthodox. It is said that this vegan cake was his favourite. People in Cyprus and Greece make this cake as a gift to him, when they lost something or when they wish for something to happen. 

I make it because i like it so much. It is a very simply, yet delicious cake, great for every season, for breakfast or as a sweet treat during the day. The cinnamon, zest and vanilla simply make it really tasty.

There are various variations to the recipe, the one i love and make is the below.

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Tete’s healthy bars

I’ve been trying for so long to get my kids to eat healthier. It’s really been a battle, one which i too often lose! This week, i had a small win: my youngest one not only helped me develop these bars, she actually tried them and loved them! So I named them after her! She was so proud! 

They are packed with so much goodness and are easy to like, even for the most fussy eaters!

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