Spiced Pineapple and Mango smoothie bowl

The mornings are warm these days, so what’s better than a tropical delicious smoothie bowl. Smoothies and smoothie bowls are a great way to include your fruits and veggies in your daily routine, and the morning is a great time to start! Pineapples and mangoes are packed with antioxidants, vitamin c, fiber and potassium,  ginger is know amongst others for its inflammatory properties, chia seeds are a source of protein and oats a great source of fiber. 

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Tahini oat bars

What do I love about tahini? Well, everything: its taste, texture, versatility, its nutritional benefits (high in vitamins E, B1,B2,B3,B5, minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, to name a few). It is also a good source of plant based protein. So, go ahead and use it in your meals; as a dressing, in smoothies, in bars or balls! 

These bars are high in protein due to the tahini, chia seeds and nuts as well as fibers due to the oats. So, a perfect snack!

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Superfoods Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are one of the best solutions for busy mornings when you know you have to eat breakfast but really don’t have time to make one. Mixed with the right ingredients, they can be a delicious, nutritious meal that will keep you fueled all morning.

This recipe blends fruits, oats and some of the healthiest seeds to really give you a boost in the morning. I’ve also added maca powder for that extra kick – and because i loveee the caramel taste. 

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Tahini and fruits smoothie

What do you do when you love tahini sooo much that you want to add it in every meal?! You do just that! I find it very versatile, you can use it in your smoothies, in your salads, sandwiches, cakes, cookies!

This smoothie is delicious and the tahini really gives it its edge! Tahini is a great protein source, high in amino acids and healthy fats and a great source of vitamins and minerals.

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