Apple Crumble at the Ashram!

-A story by Daniel Plackett.

It might be your goal to one day visit an Ashram in India for a period of intensive Yoga, and Yoga Diet.

However with the everyday demands of family, and work, this goal my seem very far off. There is another solution. In the spirit of DIN! – Do It Now!, if you cannot get to the Ashram , bring the Ashram to you.

yoga1This is exactly what Yoga Life Cyprus did and last week a second Yoga Retreat was completed at my home in the beautiful area of Delikipos surrounded by forest and hills. Under the supervision and teaching of Anadhi Korina Kontaxaki two days of yoga, yoga philosophy and yogic diet were strictly followed.

yoga life

Yogic Diet is completely plant based, and also is based where ever possible on seasonal foods and foods sourced from the local area. Pulses, Grains, and Nuts are activated (soaked for a few houses in water) so all the active energy of the plants are released as they sprout. Food is always eaten freshly prepared, with no preservatives, additives or sugars added.

For more information on Yoga Life Cyprus:

Yoga Diet:

Apple Crumble Recipe – (serves 12)

Apple Crumble


Wet mixture
Apples cut into cubes – We’ve added seasonal peaches which worked very well
2 tsp cinnamon


2 cups of ground almonds
3 cups of oats
2 tsp cinnamon
6 tbs of Coconut Oil
1/3rd cup of Grape Syrup

How to:


applecrumble2Boil the fruits for 10 minutes and ladle into oven dish with the juices.

For the topping, mix and combine all ingredients together.

Add on to the top of the fruit mix and then bake at 180C for 25 mins.

The result: 

Simply amazing!

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