Coffee Smoothie

There are days when you really don’t have time to have your coffee or breakfast – you know what I mean: your kids are not cooperating throwing tantrums all over the place, your hair is a mess, you don’t feel like getting dressed… I can go on for ever! But despite all these, you have to pull yourself together and just start your day.  Well, this smoothie was created on such a day and it’s perfect because the taste really is a treat!

Ingredients: IMG_5249

1 shot of esspresso

1 banana

2 tbsp oats

1 tsp almond butter (or any other you have)

3/4 cup hazelnut milk (or any other)

2 tsp of a blend of maca, hemp, lucuma, cacao powder (optional)


How to:

Just blend everything together and enjoy your treat!

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