Vasilopita – Traditional New Year’s Day Cake

Vasilopita is the traditional Greek cake that we make on New Year’s Eve and eat on New Year’s Day, where we put a coin and the finder of this coin is supposed to have good luck that year. This tradition goes a very long way back, I won’t bore you with details!

But I will tell you that it is delicious! And you can make it anytime of the year (like i do) whenever you feel like having a simple cake.

There are a variety of recipes for Vasilopita, but i love the below – the original recipe has eggs, but I substituted them with flaxseed seeds. One of my biggest joys when cooking vegan is realising how easy it is to substitute animal by products, and how delicious the result is!

Ingredients: vasilopitta

1 orange

200gr sugar

100ml sunflower oil

50ml orange liqueur or water

25ml cognac

4 flaxseed eggs (4 tbsp ground flaxseeds + 8 tbsp water, leave it for 10 minutes and use)

200gr almonds

300gr flour

2tsp baking powder


How to:

1.Preheat the over at 180degrees and prepare your baking cake form by lining it with oil.

2. Place the almonds in the blender and crush well. Remove them.

3. Place the sugar in a blender and blend until it becomes a powder.

4. Add the zest of 1/2 the orange and the orange itself and blend well.

4. Add the oil, orange liqueur, cognac and flaxseed eggs and blend.

5. Lastly add the flour and almonds and baking powder and blend until the mixture is well combined. 

6. Pour the mixture in the form and cook for 50 minutes.

7. When the cake is cold, you can dust it with icing sugar is you want.

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