Raw granola bars

Granola lovers, and not only, this one is sooo delicious!! Full of flavour, nuttiness, goodness!! What else can you possibly want when you reach out for a snack? You can even have it for breakfast, if you are in a hurry! It’s a great source of energy for any time of the day!

2  cups oats
½ cup chopped almonds, roasted
2 tbsp chia seeds
½ cup raisings
½ cup pumpkin seeds
½ cup sunflower seeds
2 tbsp almond butter ή peanut butter
¼ cup Maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup almond milk (or any other non-dairy milk)

½ cup Choco chips
½ cup coconut flakes
How to:

1. In a bowl mix all  products, except for  the almond /peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract and almond milk.
2. In a small saucepan, mix the almond /peanut butter and maple syrup and boil for 5 minutes. Then add the vanilla extract.
3. Mix all the ingredients together and then spread mixture in a tray lined with parchment paper and refrigerate for a couple of hours (or overnight) before cutting into bars.

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