Let’s talk ……. traits of happy living

In today’s ever changing and superfast pace of living we tend to forget basic principles of what makes us human.. Happy humans..

I too was a victim of this; somehow as I began to feel that this was not all we were here on this earth for – to rush all the time, be selfish and unkind, to count things instead of moments and blessings, to be greedy and unsatisfied – I started my journey back to the basics. And it saved it me. After all, the quality of your life is dependent and in fact shaped by the quality of your thoughts and emotions.

Here are a few traits I now cherish and practice every day:


Love with all your heart –  your life and your choices.


Be as kind as you possibly can, to everyone, because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. You can never go wrong and somehow kindness finds its way back to you in such unexpected ways. A kind word or gesture will not only make you feel better, but can make someone’s day. Another way of looking at kindness is through the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.


Practice putting yourself in other peoples’ shoes. As many times a day as you can. Try to view a situation from their perspective. ‘Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feelings with the heart of another’ – and such state of mind can only result in collaboration and communication.


Be grateful. Every minute of your day. Count your blessings – and if they are more than your problems, count again because chances are you didn’t count things you take for granted. Gratitude is one of the healthiest emotions and it can change your world.


Come in all areas of your life with a clean heart and mind. Don’t look for ways that a certain person or situation will benefit you.


Be honest, towards yourself and others. Hold true to your believes and don’t allow anyone to say otherwise. I found that this helps you sleep at night and the very least people know who they are dealing with.

We are all adults! Speak your mind!

Speak to people openly; express your opinion, dissatisfaction or approval of something. Don’t assume that everyone thinks the same way as you. Actually that’s the root of so many problems.

Live and let live …. And Forgive (or leave) and just move on

Two in one here..

Unless you are perfect, unless you have been in the same situation as someone else, do not judge!

And practice forgiving – holding a grudge only poisons you and your spirit. If you cannot forgive someone for something they have done, just confront them and take them out of your life.

Alone Time

I learned how important alone time is, for your sanity, when I was a student! Learn to have fun on your own, to be independent and have time to relax.


I hope the above make sense – if they don’t just do what makes you truly happy… Life is too short for anything else!!


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